Unite Your Team

Why is it important to unite your Team?


Everyone works together to achieve the mission

Collaboration and communication is the norm

Conflict is a rare exception to the rule

Passion is the fuel for your team

Your objective and quotas are met consistently

Does this sound like your team…
or the team you dream of?

It is one thing to have employees – but do you have a team? As we have all experienced though, bringing people together does not always result in teamwork. Even worse, if you are like most businesses, poor teamwork may have you leaving thousands, 10’s of thousands or in some cases millions of dollars on the table. All because you struggle to bring everyone together instead of having them working together as a cohesive team with a common goal.

In our experience, you and your staff fall into one of 4 categories:

  • Masters – a group of individuals driven behind the core Purpose and Vision of the company while supporting each other in achieving success. These are often the Thought Leaders in their industry.
  • Leaders – a high producing team that follow a plan, systems and processes to consistently achieve success month over month. These are the 6-7+ figure companies that duplicate their results on command.
  • Operators – This team of individuals work beside each other, rather than together, and include lone wolves, solo superstars or cliques. There may be some individuals who get great results but most of the team struggles to achieve their goals and success is inconsistent.
  • Placeholders – This so-called team gets little to no results. Emotions are high, conflicts occur regularly, and the people are not assigned the roles they are best suited for.  The owner is frustrated, dealing with overwhelming stress and struggling with the financial health of the company.

Which team do you want?

Now, be honest… what team do you currently have?

If you said Operators or Placeholders, what has it cost you and your business by not building a team of Leaders or Masters? Is it thousands of dollars or are you like most businesses where it costs you so much more?

In fact, what many leaders do not take into account is that if your team is not working together, then it is actively dividing itself which often results in:

  • losing your best team members,
  • missing opportunities,
  • and projects that are only half done or launched without all the needed elements.

If this has happened to you, know that you are not alone. The real question is, how can you prevent it and take your team up the ladder of success at the same time?

The key is working on your team’s business AND personal development.

The key is working on your team’s business AND personal development. Most teams are made up of great people but they may struggle with not knowing the rules which your team is to play by, have self-sabotaging habits they may not even be aware of, or most often, broken lines of communication. In these cases, you can provide all of the business development in the world and still not solve the problem … if you are not tackling the personal challenges at the same time.

How do you take your team up the ladder of success?

  • Leaders – Often the biggest obstacle is falling into the mindset trap of “good enough”. Which is great … if that is your goal. However, if your team wants to continue to improve, then you need to tighten the context in which you work. You need to re-ignite your team’s passion for the goal and establish accountability to support the plan.
  • Operators – This team’s challenge is that everyone is playing by different rules. To overcome this obstacle, train your team on your systems and processes to identify what is truly causing you to leave thousands of dollars in profit on the table. If you do not already have these systems and processes in place, which most operator teams do not, this is a great opportunity to unite your team by developing them together.
  • Placeholders – This is the most painful position to be in and the challenges are cause because often the wrong people are in the wrong job positions, there is a lack of clarity on what needs to be done, and there are so many tasks that need to be completed that it is simply overwhelming. The biggest challenge here is often FEAR…
    … Fear of making a mistake.
    … Fear of losing their job.
    … Fear of pushing their comfort zone.
    … Fear of going out of business.

The solution to this is to make the tough decisions. If there is someone who should not be on your team… Let them go. If your team is not getting the support they need… Make the time. Once you have established your core team and they know you are right there with them, they will unite with you behind the mission and together, the team will make the decision to get to that next level.

It may not be easy, but if you lead by example following these simple rules then you will find your team will get behind you and support the necessary growth. If not, then they may not be a fit for your team.

Here are the rules you as a leader need to follow:

  1. Do whatever it takes, providing its legal ethical and moral.
  2. Support your team every opportunity you have.
  3. Take 100% responsibility without pointing fingers.

So now you know what you need to do. Maybe you’ve recognized a reality or two that you have known all along and likely have been avoiding. The question is, will you take action and do what it takes?

At this point you may be thinking that your team is different or I understand BUT…


It is normal that a number of thoughts are coming into your mind right now, an attempt to justify your position. It happens to me too. It does not change anything. If you are like most business owners, there is one overriding challenge that you face and you probably haven’t realized it.

So what is the REAL Challenge to Uniting Your Team?

The real challenge is… you are too close. You see the problems, you know what you need to do and maybe even how it needs to be done. The challenge with being so close is that you know everyone’s personal problems, you want them to do better but you understand their situation, or see what they need help with but do not see how to help them. For some leaders – hopefully this is not you – that unconsciously puts the team in the control position, be it out of fear of losing them or that you think without them that you will fail…

That is where a coach comes in. Someone who can see what is happening from an objective perspective and can identify what is really going on with your team. More importantly, a coach can say what you as the boss cannot. Imagine having someone on your side who can address the real issues that are holding your team back without setting off the personal emotions that go with it.

Are you ready to have an expert coach your team and get them ready for the championships?

If so, here is your opportunity to take action and ensure that tomorrow your team begins the climb up the ladder of success.

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Prove to yourself that you will do what it takes and take action by selecting a day and time that works best for you.


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