The Next Step Sales Accelerator Team Training

Could a team of individuals with different values, viewpoints and goals unite into an unstoppable sales machine that even Fortune 500 companies would envy?

The answer is YES.

The Next Step Sales Accelerator is a program developed while working with my 7- and 8-figure clients to scale their sales.

Sounds Great But What If My Team Is Not Ready?

Truth is, nobody is ever really ready for change.

Truth is, nobody is ever really ready for change. So not to worry, this is all about taking where you are right now in your business, and turning it into a hyper-productive machine, picking up proven profitable habits and skills that are simple to implement. This unique training will help you harness what you are really wanting to do in your business… even if you haven’t been able to “hit the mark” yet.

Imagine being able to gain clarity in your business that enables you to create predictable results every single month – month in, month out… All in a supportive, engaged environment that your team is ecstatic about being a part of.

What would these results mean for you and your business?

So How Do You Do It?

Look, let’s be honest here. Business is easy… when you follow the proper formula that is.

It’s the people that make business so hard. We are human and with that comes personal emotions, egos, relationships, stress, conflict and all the other elements that make working with a team so challenging.

So here is what WE DO. We work with your people to bring out the best in them both personally and professionally because it is the people that also bring the passion, excitement, energy, innovative thinking and all the other elements that make working in a team so exciting and rewarding.

It is harnessing that power through the environment in which you work, the knowledge of the process and the support to achieve the success that empowers us to bring you and your business exponential results. Specifically, we start with the fundamentals to ensure everyone is on the same page and build our foundation of success together using the following steps:

STEP #1 – Setting The Context

  • Establishing the rules in which we will work.
  • Identifying the internal fears and past experiences your team members may have
  • Create an environment where they feel safe to push past their comfort zone, allowing them to learn from their experience both personally and professionally

STEP #2 – Identify Your Ideal Client

  • What do your current clients have in common?
  • Who gets the most benefit by what you offer?
  • What matters most to them and how does your product/service solve their problems and needs?
  • What “language” do they speak so that we can effectively communicate with them?

STEP #3 – Choose Your Game

  • Identify which sales cycle works best for you and your clients.
  • Establishing the processes your team will follow.
  • Hold your team accountable to numbers which directly affects results during the program.

STEP #4 – Mini Sales Challenge

    Based on the progress your team has made to date, we will tighten the context by challenging them in a healthy way to make sales using the skills they have learned so far.

STEP #5 – Learning From Our Experience

  • At this point in the process, we will debrief what happened when the pressure of making sales was applied and what is needed to succeed.
  • The real secret is to learn through experience and gaining confidence along the way.

STEP #6 – Overcoming Obstacles

  • Take the challenges we identified in the debrief and turn them into opportunities.
  • Learn to turn your client’s “No” into “Yes!” by mastering how to handle their objections. This secret alone is worth the investment.

STEP #7 – Closing The Deal

  • Focus on the approach that works best for your business to close the deal.
  • Dig deep into the power of questions.
  • Create clarity on how easy the close really is when all the other steps in the cycle are followed properly.

STEP #8 – The Real Sales Challenge

  • Where the real magic (and results) happen. Taking Action!
  • Using all the skills learned combined with filling the front end of your sales funnel throughout the program is how we guarantee our results.

STEP #9 – Post Game Wrap Up

  • Closing any open loops we may have and any final training that may be relevant based on your sales challenge experience.

Here’s the thing, in order to Guarantee Results … every single time… you MUST build your team’s confidence, skills and support them through the process to success.

Following these 9 simple steps, you and your team WILL develop the habits automatically, ensuring your success continues.

So What Do I Do Next?

Great question. It is time for you to make a choice!

Are you going to continue to do things the OLD way and continue to get the results you are currently getting or are you going to choose the PROVEN WAY and:

  • Explode Your Income
  • Unite Your Team and
  • Develop Your Proven Business Model of Success

If you said the proven way, click here to schedule your discovery call today!

What Does It Cost?

Each client’s needs vary depending on the size of their team, style of sales process, the unique challenges they face, and the support material that needs to be developed. This is why we have different training packages from 10 – 80 training hours in length with all support material included in the pricing*. Typically, team training of this caliber can range between $50,000 to $100,000 but thanks to our refined processes and unique ability to unite your team behind your mission which decreases the amount of time needed to get you results, our programs can start as low as $12k. We also have a number of group coaching programs for those who are not quite ready for team training but still want to improve their results.

Either way, the easiest way to identify which program is best suited to get you the results you are looking for within your budget is in a discovery session where we can learn more about your business, your needs and your challenges. If we can guarantee you results then we will discuss what options are available to you. Click Here to schedule your call and take that next step towards results.

What If That Investment Is Outside Of Our Budget?

We completely understand the importance of staying within your budget but if you are looking at this from a purely cost perspective than we have already found one of your main sales obstacles.

Like any good marketing or sales investment, the question you need to ask is what will be the Return on Investment (ROI). I am not saying you shouldn’t confirm we can deliver what we say we can and ensure your needs, outcomes and guarantees are properly covered in our contract. You would not be our ideal client if you are not looking at the risk vs reward. And doing so should not put your business in financial strain.

Which is one of the reasons we have specific requirements, one of them confirming your financial health, before we will even consider you as a client. It is also why we put our paycheck where our mouth is with our 100 % Money Back Results Guarantee** – but more on that in a moment.

What we are saying is, often what holds us back in sales is a fear or memory of a past negative experience with money. Maybe it’s not you but I would bet you have someone on your team with that fear and you just thought of them. So when looking at this or any sales investment, you must look at it from a realistic view in reverse.

That’s why we start with our complimentary session to identify where you are leaving money on the table, before paying any cash or signing contracts. We will then inform you of the results you can expect, that we will back with our guarantee.

So is it worth it to find out what kind of intense results-focused training like this will have on your bottom line? And after you know what your opportunity is, then ask if the cost is worth it? At the very least, you will have better clarity on your biggest hold-ups and an understanding of how to overcome them.

So what are you waiting for? You already know what to do… Click Here!

So What Is The Catch?

The catch is … You have to work for it. There is no magic pill that instantly generates you more income. It requires laser focus, to test and measure everything, plus tight accountability to results. If you are not willing to put the time into improving your business, then we are not the partner for you.

However, if you see the value in focusing on your business then we will take care of the rest. The training, support document development and igniting the passion within your team… ALL with minimal impact on your day-to-day tasks. Our job is to get you and your team results!

How Are You Able To Make Such A Bold Promise Without Affecting My Day-to-Day Operations?

That’s the easy part. It is all in the numbers. The numbers never lie and better yet, they paint a picture of where your greatest successes lay.

Want to know more?

Then you will have to schedule a call so that we can ask you the questions needed to answer your next questions. So take action and Click Here

*Some restrictions apply when it comes to our customized programs. Ask for details.

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