Share & Profit Calls

A weekly call with successful entrepreneurs with a focus on leads and increasing sales

Why Invest Yourself in the Share & Profit Calls?

How to dramatically speed up your results and acquire new insights that are working right now!

tMost entrepreneurs are facing a big problem right now. That problem is that everything is changing so quickly and they need to adjust fast, which in turn can put stress on the business.

Another big issue business owners are facing is that marketing that may have worked in the past just isn’t working like it used to.

Think about it like this…

If your main avenue of lead generation before was networking, then we all know, that has dried up.

Another problem is that because a lot of us business owners were used to doing something a certain way in the past and now seeing that things aren’t working out as should.

In fact, they are having problems getting clear on what to do next.

The Silver Lining...

On the bright side, there are those business owners who were able to adapt and pivot quickly to and create new avenues of opportunity.

In this time of change, the desired outcome of any business is to find the solutions or opportunities in the obstacle.

Whether your business is still thriving or you are struggling to survive you can benefit from the Share & Profit Calls.

These calls will focus on the backbone of any business: 


Without sales, you are not really in business.

On these S&P Group call, you will get feedback from like-minded individuals who can share their experiences of what is currently working and what is not.

The accountability and structure of being on these calls will inevitably bring your sales up as a result.

To practice what we preach, we will hold sales challenges to compete with one another in a friendly non-threatening environment.

If you have a team, we will share how you can set-up the same type of challenge to turn up the competition.

Here's what you get when you join our SHARE & PROFIT CALLS:

1) Weekly Calls Mondays at 8:30am EST

2) Everyone shares their obstacles, challenges and opportunities

3) Get real world feedback from other individuals

4) Have a chance to learn through everyone’s experiences so you can excel your lead generation

If you have found that you are stuck, or progress is now slow, or worse, going backwards, invest yourself in these focused, "in-the-trenches" learning calls.

These calls will take your Business and Sales to new heights!

Join us on our Share & Profit Calls

Your Instructor

Jason Chessar

Welcome, my name is Jason Chessar. I help successful entrepreneurs and business professionals who are on a plateau in the results they are getting, or who are looking to break through to their next level of success in a short period of time.

I help them, unify their team, refine their sales processes and identify where they are leaving thousands of dollars on the table so that their profits skyrocket, their team succeeds and their time is spent on what they do best. I want to helo You succeed.