Why is it important to use PERT in your Business?

A Proven Planning Process that ensures you:

Complete the project on time and on budget

Identifies your obstacle NOW instead of 6 months from now.

Establishes a clear set of action items that can be assigned to team members

Clearly shows the biggest problems you will face before you invest thousands of dollars and time into the project

Prevents self-limiting beliefs or past failures from rearing their ugly head so that you and your team can focus on solutions instead of problems


All this and more in a fraction of the time that it normally takes you.

If you want to avoid the pain of:

Spending months working on a project that never gets finished

Running into unexpected financial challenges in the middle of action

Team members not knowing what to do or worse, not doing anything

Confusion and frustration from being pulled into multiple directions at once

… Then you are in the right place.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are what others have said about this proven process:

  • “The PERT process not only helps with accountability, but more importantly, taps into the creative planning process of how to achieve your goal allowing people accomplish more than they ever thought possible”
    – Karen E. Mileski, Newport Beach, CA
  • “One of the most simple chunking down tools I’ve ever used… however starting with the end in mind and working backwards. It enabled me to see the hazards and potential obstacles in the pre planning… A few hours of “brain work” up front to save weeks in the future. Worthwhile investment I think. Thanks Jason Chessar for making it so.”
    – David Belfer, Melbourne, Australia

Would you like a great deal that has ZERO risk for you?

We are so confident that you will see the brilliance in this process that we will back it with a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Here is what it looks like for you.

  1. You pay a small deposit of $595 $395 USD which will get you your 1st strategy session with our highly qualified coach.
  2. During this call you will be supported through the process of developing your custom strategy.
  3. Following the call, you will receive an automated email (This way you do not feel any pressure on the call) asking if you received the value we guarantee on the session. If you click “No” then you will be informed of the simple steps to receive a full refund within 24 business hours.Or if after that call, you receive so much clarity that you are confident in the strategy we created together and feel you have everything you need to implement the action steps on your own, then we will send you a copy of your full strategy and a recording of the call and your only fee is the initial deposit that you have already paid.However, if like 82% of our clients, you see the incredible brilliance of this process and the exponential value you will receive from implementing the steps…Then you will have the option to purchase the 1st phase of the program minus your original deposit.


This program is broken into phases as each clients needs are different depending on the complexity of the strategy, your individual needs and the time frame needed for the implementation.  This also gives you the opportunity to confirm the value you are receiving without making the full financial commitment upfront.

You see, we believe that a true coach must prove through results the value they provide which is why we are confident enough to structure our fees in a manner that protects you, as the client, first.

So, if you would like to find out first hand, how much profit you can earn, how quickly you can achieve your goals, or both at the same time – then it is time to take action and make that investment in yourself.


“The PERT process not only helps with accountability, but more importantly, taps into the creative planning process of how to achieve your goal allowing people accomplish more than they ever thought possible”
– Karen E. Mileski, Newport Beach, CA

The biggest problem most entrepreneurs create is that they keep their genius to themselves or more commonly, struggle with sharing their vision and ideas with their team. This leads to confusion, miscommunication and roadblocks through the process.

The key is to extract your idea and lay it out in such a manner that your entire team can understand. I am sure you already know that we each have different learning styles and as a result, each of your team members may need the information presented to them in different manner.

The challenge for you is this can be extremely time consuming which pulls you away from doing what you do best.

This is where we come in.

During the initial session, we will develop the strategy that you and your whole team can get behind. We then support you through the process by helping you overcome your own obstacles and/or coach you in how to ensure your team is 100% committed through the whole process.

So not only will you achieve your goals but you and your team will have the skills to duplicate your results time after time.

So what are you waiting for? The time to take action is now. So Click Here to get started right away.

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