The NUMBER ONE Obstacle
Standing In Your Way!

Would you like to know the Number One obstacle that is holding you, your team, maybe even your clients back?

What do you think it might be? What do you think is the obstacle that holds your team back, for example? Is it their knowledge? Their skills? Do they care enough? Do they have any passion for their work, or are they just here for the paycheck?

How about your clients? What do you think is the number one thing that stops them from buying your product or service? Is it their lack of knowledge about you? A lack of trust? Or does it take so long to educate them that they don’t even see what the problem you’re solving is?

More importantly, what is the obstacle that stops you?

That number one obstacle is something that you, your team and your clients have in common.

It’s your brain.

How much of your brain do you think we use consciously? 50%? 20%?

Typically, we use approximately 10% of our brain consciously.

The other 90% of our brain we use subconsciously. This is the number one obstacle that stands in our way. How many of you realize that often the challenge is right between your ears, right? That we are our biggest obstacle that gets in our own way.

Let me ask you this.

In this subconscious is a collection of our past – our past experiences, our past successes, our past failures. Have you ever had your heart broken? Ever loan someone money and they not pay it back? Did it destroy your friendship or maybe your relationship or business connection? What did it do to you?

Think about that for a moment.

That is the number one obstacle. In our subconscious, we have a collection of past experiences; failures, successes, what other people have told us, what we’ve learned. We’ve coined this the Little Voice. The Little Voice is the true number one obstacle that stands in all of our way, whether it’s your clients, your team, or even yourself.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Little Voice, what the heck are they on about?” That’s the Little Voice I’m talking about.

Here’s how the Little Voice works. Let’s say you and I have known each other for a very long time. You know I’m a successful business owner, and we’ve worked together on a number of projects successfully. We’ve been able to make incredible profits. One of our highest profit generators is the projects you and I work on together. I come up to you and I say, “Look, I got this new venture. It’s a little different than what we’ve been done before. It’s a bit more risky. There’s no upfront guarantee, but I’m telling you now, if you can just invest $10,000, we can do this thing. Just $10,000 upfront. We’re going to go with this. We’re going to make this take off.”

What just happened right there?

When I said, “It’s just going to cost you 10,000,” what thoughts went through your mind? Did you get hesitant? Did you get cautious? Maybe you questioned whether I was worth it or whether you could take my word on it. Maybe, just maybe, you remembered a past experience where someone had borrowed money or asked you for money and it flopped or maybe you didn’t get the money back.

That’s Little Voice. If you and I had a great relationship, if I came up and asked for money, even if it’s for a day, instantly you’re going to have thoughts based on a past experience.

Here’s the point.

Did our relationship just change? Yes; instantly. The hardest part is, our relationship changed in a heartbeat and it had nothing to do with me. Think about that for a second. By me bringing up a comment or saying something that triggered you and recalled a past experience or a past failure, a past pain, instantly your thoughts toward that project, that idea, or even me, changes instantly.

Has that ever happened to your team? Have you ever had them full of action, full of passion, full of drive and then show up the next day and it’s all gone without a trace? What about a client who was eager to buy and then, all of a sudden, they vanish. That is Little Voice, and that is the number one obstacle that holds us back.

Here’s the key.

Once you know that the number one obstacle that holds us back is often our thoughts and our past thoughts, you can start working towards supporting your team or helping your clients in order for them to master their Little Voice.

My mentor, Blair Singer, wrote an entire book, a number one bestseller, all on the idea of how to master that Little Voice.

I’ll give you an example. If your team’s Little Voice goes off, they stop taking action. They stop participating, they even stop showing up. It’s the same with clients. They disappear. Even for you, you could be triggered without even knowing it.

Why is this important? How does this help you?

If you can understand the Little Voice, that is when you can help them overcome the Little Voice.

If you cannot only identify their Little Voice and help them overcome the Little Voice, you can take them one step closer to helping them to achieve what it is they’ve set out to achieve, or to help them buy the product that’s going to change their life and make a difference in their industry.

If you can understand the Little Voice, that is when you can help them overcome the Little Voice.

Do you know someone who really, really, really wants to make that sale, but when it comes to picking up the phone or going to that event or talking to that person, they bail? Maybe they’re even talking to a prospect, but they never actually ask for the sale. Do you know someone who loves the idea of being able to make sales, who knows all the skills and abilities, but never make anything?

That is Little Voice.

Consciously, 10% of our brain knows what to do. You want to make more money, you want to make more sales? It’s easy. Pick up the phone, make the call and follow the process. Follow the sales cycle. If you follow it step by step by step, you will make sales. Through sheer determination alone, you will make sales if you stick with it.

The problem, however, is not conscious. It’s when we pick up the phone and the anxiety goes up and the pressure turns on. Consciously, we know what to do, but as soon as that anxiety kicks in, it’s our subconscious that’s reacting. If our subconscious is fearful or hesitant, you may pick up the phone but freeze, hesitate, and sound like a bumbling fool.

How you can help that is through training and support and by drilling those exercises and needling those Little Voices and those thoughts that come up.

There’s a number of ways we can do it. We’ll be going through many of them here, leading you to the different processes and successes and how you can overcome this obstacle and this Little Voice.

The first step to overcoming that obstacle is identifying where it’s really coming from and not going around telling, “Oh, that’s just your Little Voice.” If you can see it in them, don’t let it trigger you. Rather when you see someone else’s Little Voice go off, be understanding and supportive and help them through the process, help them stand in the heat and get through it.

If you can do that, you’re going to increase your teams, bring them together, get them higher producing. You’re going to help your clients see their way through to the end of the sale and not only the end of the sale, but be grateful that you helped them and supported them along the way.

Start with yourself. The next time you get hesitant and your Little Voice goes off, identify what it really is and ask where is that voice really coming from. Is it me? Or is it just a memory of a past experience where it all blew up in my face, and I’m just scared of making the same mistake?

It’s there for a reason, you just have to understand it. Once you understand it and identify it, then you can master it.

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