TIME is one of our greatest resources. However it passes quickly and we never seem to have enough. Worse yet, we won’t get any more of it and we can’t slow it down.

However all is not lost. How can we make the most of the time we have?

These 7 points will help get the most out of your day:

1. Take 10 minutes & Plan your day the night before – At the end of each day write out all the things you need to do, including meetings, important tasks, for the following day to achieve your goals. Gather up as much information as you need so you don’t have to look it up in the morning. It’s easiest when it’s fresh in your mind.

2. Prioritize the list – Number each item and do what will have the biggest impact first, even if it is a job you are dreading  – We call these “EAT THE FROG” from Brian Tracy. There’s always the temptation to do the easy jobs first. However, think how the thought of doing the job you should be doing hangs over you as you do the easy stuff, or worse, what is more important for other people. Getting it done will make you so motivated the moment you “eat that frog”, and give you the momentum you need for the day.

3. Don’t Deviate – Here’s the thing. You need to stick to the list you made. As you go along, check off each item as you go and don’t let yourself be distracted. In fact, turn off your phone and email as the temptation to grab that telephone and e-mails will distract you every time. Make an agreement with yourself to check for messages every two hours or so but DO NOT leave it on, or there goes your day… and your goals.

4. Do it, Delegate it or Dump it – Once you get a task or an email sent to you or your scheduled time to do it,  look it over and either do something about it now, delegate it to someone else who can best complete it or delete it. Also the key here is  “Only do it if only you can do it.”

5. Procrastinate is a Thief of Time – Don’t let procrastination rationalize to put things off to another time. Just DO IT NOW! Often most people will spend more time avoiding an uncomfortable task, than it would to take the time to do it. Is that you?

6. Plan your leisure time – Often in our own personal lives, we can find ourselves without time when wanting to have fun or hang out with friends. You know what can fix this right away? Book the time in your calendar. And make it not negotiable. You can have a meeting with yourself. Who says you can’t do that? So if you want to achieve great things, book out your personal life as well.

7. Celebrate Your Wins – It is easiest to achieve your goals when your energy is high. So how do you keep your energy up? By celebrating your wins. Finished “eating your frog”? Celebrate and maybe treat yourself. A nice walk outside, a coffee, high-fiving a co-worker are some examples of what you could do.

On a personal note, I used to be in this time is “getting away on me” situation and never having enough, however I saw the light. And if you know me, I have almost EVERY aspect of life scheduled. It helps keep me on track and hit my goals. It makes me happy and gives me motivation as I move closer to my goals.

How about you? What do you do for scheduling?

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