Are you or your team guilty?

Through dealing with large and small companies across Canada, the US and the UK, I have coached a lot with business owners and their sales people and I have worked out 5 mistakes most sales people make in their current sales methods.

1. Leaving MONEY on the Table:Β 
Yes focus on new clients, however most businesses have enough leads. What
were real problem lies in there sales cycle and more importantly their teams proficiency in each step.

For example:
Most Businesses Only Track the Following KPI
# of Leads, # of sales, and $$ in Sales

But the real secret to increasing profits is in how well your team deliver in each step between the lead & the sale. See, one small adjustment in your process can easily increase your sales 20 – 100%!

2. More focus on Process versus Results:
A tendency to focus on process over results. The consequence of this lack of focus can stop the salesperson from delivering effective, bottom line results. This is because they are often more focused on activities rather than results, which results in always being busy (however not effective). So how do you change this? Well that Part is Easy… Accountability to numbers, BUT it must be the right numbers you are holding them accountable to!

3. “Me Too” Thinking:
It’s key the sales people differentiate what they do, what they sell from everyone else. Find the unique parts and exploit those to your advantage. Don’t compare yourself to others or your client/customer will do the same. It is those who speak directly to their client in their language & simply articulate how they solve their problem that get the sale.

4. Listen More. Talk Less. There are sale people that hear, but don’t actually listen. These are the same sales people who interrupt prospects, delivers solutions that are not what was asked for, or simply overwhelms prospects and customers things that were never discussed or heard from the customer. So ask questions & listen to their answers and let your client tell you what they want or need. They will make the sale easy if you let them.

5. Failure to handle the Objection As a sales person,Β  it is important to foresee objects
coming ahead of time, especially the objections you get every time. How would you like your sales team to be able to turn a No into a YES? That is precisely what handling an objection does. So stop thinking the reason the client gives is a no, and see it for what it really is.Β  An opportunity for you to learn what is really stopping you from making the sale and an invitation from the client for to you overcome the obstacle.

Who would who you want to work with, the person who accepts defeat? Or the one who works with you to find the solutions to your real problems?

Once you have realized these are problems that need fixing, time to focus on how you can turn this into a win for as a sales person and the company.

Having the RIGHT systems in place can make all the difference in the world. If you want to learn how we help our Clients achieve large advances with their teams, reach out to us.

Want to learn how to:

  • Get your full profit from your funnel?
  • How to hold your sales team accountable to results?
  • Have clients come to you instead of chasing them all the time?
  • Ask the right Question so your clients sell themselves?
  • Want to Gain the skill of turning No into a Yes?

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