3 lessons learned

One of the best parts of the work we do is that we get to meet with some of the most incredible minds in the world. Recently, my team and I got to chat with the bestselling author and businessman, Robert Kiyosaki. As you may imagine, this prolific man has so much wisdom when it comes to the world of business and money. He shared that wisdom with us and in this article, we’ll be sharing the lessons that stood out the most.


With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it is important that we share as much as we can and encourage each other to keep pushing. We are confident that these 3 lessons from Robert Kiyosaki will impact your life and give you that extra lift you may need to keep going.


Seek Out The Opportunities Around You

There’s no denying it; the world is facing a very trying time right now. If you are a business owner chances are you are unable to run your operations the same way you did before. That can be very scary to even think about. 


It’s so easy to get caught up in the tragedy of the situation and feel hopeless about the future. But this doesn’t help you in any way. In fact, it only serves to weigh you down.


Instead of focusing on all the negatives, unlock the creativity in your mind so you can better recognize the opportunities around you. Yes, there are opportunities all around. This extra time you have on your hands gives you an opportunity to improve the areas of your life you haven’t really been working on. For instance, you can strengthen your family relationships, work on your physical health and well-being or even pick up a new hobby. 


The key is to keep yourself curious and to creatively seek out opportunities that will allow you to grow even as the world is at a standstill.


You Need To Develop A Thick Skin

Times are tough for everybody. We are very limited on what we can do at the moment. We are facing a situation that most of us have never experienced in our lives. That comes with bumps and bruises, and everybody is going to get knocked down a few times. 


That’s why it is crucial that you develop a thick skin. When trouble strikes and you are knocked down, you have to be able to lick your wounds and get back up again. You’ll need to muster all the strength you have within you and live to try once more. 


Now, this is obviously easier said than done. Sometimes the challenges can seem overwhelming and we find ourselves stumbling and falling flat on the ground. Having thick skin does not mean ignoring the pain and hurt, or turning a blind eye to the troubles. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


When you develop a thick skin, you can acknowledge when the situation is bad but instead of giving in to fear or buckling under the pressure, you tackle the challenge head-on and give it your best shot. In the process, you build resilience and fortitude and these are priceless attributes for any leader.


Change Your Language

Language is very important. It is how we communicate as human beings. Because of the current situation requiring self-isolation and social distancing, we are starting to depend more and more on words alone to communicate with each other. And effective communication is key for any business trying to survive during this time.


This is why, as a business owner, you need to change the way you are talking to your clients – both existing and potential. You have to speak to them in the language most relevant to them right now. 


While we could speak into abundance, success, and prosperity a few months ago, it’s just not the case anymore. Everybody is in full survival mode. That survival will look different for each of your clients, and you need to understand each of those perspectives. 


Ask yourself this question: What is my ideal client’s biggest problem right now, and how can I solve it? Once you know this, you will have the insight you need on how you can best serve your clients. And then you can change how you talk to them so your communication is as clear and concise as possible. Search for the keywords and phrases that they are using to look for your services, and start using those in your copy. Your communication will be much more effective, and you will be able to build trust and confidence in your brand.


These are the lessons that really stood out as we chatted with Robert Kiyosaki. We hope they impact you as much as they did us, and that you will start practicing all three right away. It will take some work, but the more you put in the effort, the better your results will be. 


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